Looking for a Farm in Southwest Florida?

barnFinding a place to put your livestock, horses and other domestic animals can be a challenge in Southwest Florida due to its popularity and smaller land parcels. You will have to give up living close to beaches and other major attractions, as having a few acres is out of the question, unless you have about a billion dollars laying around. The Skagit Farm Map site is dedicated to helping people like you find locations suitable for raising livestock on a large enough amount of land to be happy. Though it is not the easiest place to find land, there are plenty of places for you and your animals to go.

Golden Gate Estates, Beatiful Affordable Homes with a Feel of Rural Life

golden-gate-estatesGolden Gate Estates (GoldenGateEstates.com) borders the Collier County on the eastern side. Homes are built on large tracts of tropical private gardens ideal for agriculture and there are no restrictions or Homeowners Association fees. The usual allotment is 75×660 or 1.14 acres. Nevertheless, there are other homes built on much larger allotments in the same estates. Some home owners are happy to know they can rear different types of animals such as horses. There are however those who value their privacy thus preferring to maintain some distance between their homes and those of their neighbors. It is however important for homeowners to appreciate that homes in Golden Gate Estate operate on well and septic water systems.

Life in Golden Gate Estate has a rural set-up which offers huge pieces of land. Streets are not installed with streetlights and also do not have sidewalks and curbs. People living in the state can engage in their preferred activities considering there is no homeowners’ association regulating how things are done. You can therefore built your own mansion, dump truck park, barn or even rear some few goats on your assigned piece of land if you wish to do it.

From different home localities, homeowners living in Golden Gate Estates only take approximately one hour to Olde Naples. This shows how huge the estate is despite the fact that it has Naples, Fl mailing address. The eastern boundary of Golden Gates Estates is approximately a few miles away from stores, gas stations and other important facilities. This is not bound to change as plans are intended to have it remain in the same manner.

Residents living on the western boundary are within proximity to almost everything. For this reason, homes located on the far western side of Golden Gate Estate are more valuable compared to others. On the other hand, homes located on the far eastern side and remote parts are less valuable. The western parts of the estates normally have fewer unoccupied lots. Several streets in the eastern part of the Golden Gate Estates may have only a few homes on it.

Golden Gate Estates homes are mainly comprised of local staff. In case you are working on a tight budget and are looking for a single family house, driving further east will reveal more affordable homes in the estates. Second residents comprise of a small fraction of the owners. These include second householders who appreciate the amazing weather in Naples and also prefer the many advantages of huge tracts of land that gives a feel of rural living. The deal is the same, in case the budget is tight and you don’t have enough money for a home on the western side of Golden Gate Estates, don’t give up but keep going until you spot the most appropriate home for you that suit your budget.